Friday, September 3, 2010

Swapping is Fun!!!

I was so excited to recieve my package today from the tres delightful Sandrine of smboutique and histoire de soie. She is a French born artisan living in Queensland and has put together a beautiful package of handmade and carefuly selected items just for me as part of the Calico & Co. birthday swap. I just adore every little thing she has sent me. She has caught on to my style perfectly, with the ring she sent being a gorgeous match with the skirt I am wearing on this very day!

You really must check out her store and see her talents for yourself. Thank you Sandrine xoxo!

Hopefully the package I sent to the lovely Verity of Joie de tea will reach her early next week. Thanks too Amanda for organising this swap. You have a fantastic blog and an ace bunch of readers, you lucky girl!


  1. OH this is wonderful that you like your swap parcel Victoria!!What a hoot about the colour of the ring!That was so much fun trying to work out what you would like:)Thanks for your lovely kind words!and Bon weekend :) Sandrine xo

  2. fabulous love the colors and the ring looks so boho on you!!

  3. How nice! I love doing swaps! Looks like you got some neat goodies. I love the buttons and your ring! :)