Friday, June 18, 2010

Happiness in a Spoonful

The delightful Anthea and her friends have done it again with the second ever issue of Spoonful zine

This is take-anywhere inspiration, with something to put a smile on the face of any arty slash crafty slash literary type and has already caught the attention of style-fiends like Frankie magazine and much love.

This issue features a new crafty section and has been my first introduction to the amazing designs and style of Dottie Angel. I've spent hours today trawling through her photostream and i just can't get enough of all the cushions, crochet, aprons and clogs. Never have I seen nanna-chic done quite so beautifully!

Anyway, back to Spoonful! You can purchase a copy of your very own here or on etsy ready for the next time you have a bus to catch, doctor to wait for or a procrastination date with a looming deadline.

1 comment:

  1. Yay!!!! FABULOUSLY lovely and (blush blush) friendly post!

    Thanks Victoria. Isn't dottie angel amaaaazing? I think she's a genius!!